Electronics: Kill-o-watt for Microsoft Hohm

Kill-o-watt for Microsoft Hohm

HTML5: Mandlebot Set

Mandlebot Set (Worker Thread demo)

HTML5. Requires IE10, Opera or Chrome

HTML5: Shortest Route

Shortest Route (Canvas demo)

HTML5. Requires IE10, Opera or Chrome

HTML5: Carousel

Carousel (Canvas demo)

HTML5. Requires IE9+, Opera or Chrome

C#: Azure Plug in for Fiddler

Azure plug in for Fiddler

C++: MPO Thumbnail Provider

MPO Thumbnail Provider

HTML5: Gary's Car Simulator

Gary's Car Simulator (Canvas Demo)

HTML5. Requires Opera. And the false belief that accelerating into wildlife is safer than braking.

Silverlight: Rag Doll

Rag Doll

Silverlight: Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball

Silverlight: Sleepy Beauty

Sleepy Beauty

HTML4: Orgrimmar Fun Run

Orgrimmar Fun Run

Which runner crosses the finishing line first is random.
WARNING: Contains sound effect every 3rd race!

Barcode Font

Installable True-type font for producing Code128 barcodes.

Font Sample

Code128H.ttf & Source code (.zip)

Source code includes:

  • A DBF of the line and space widths.
    Based on information from the Hewlett-Packard web-site.
  • A Visual FoxPro (VFP) program to convert the information contained in the DBF into a fully-fledged True-type Font (TTF) file.
  • Example ASCIIToCode128 converter function.
    A Code128 barcode doesn't just contain characters, it needs start and stop markers plus a checksum. It's actually quite straightforward as the example code shows. This code is in VFP, but is easily translated to other languages.