Adapting a Kill-A-Watt device to report to Microsoft Hohm

A work in progress. Based heavily on LadyAda's Tweet-A-Watt project, including use of her board design.

The high tech facilities at Dave Labs
The high tech facilities at Dave Labs
Empty Board
Empty board that will host the XBee transmitter
Added a few bits
Added a few bits
Added a few more bits
Added a few more bits
Solider points
That's some clean solidering given I haven't wielded a soldering
iron in anger for 15 years. Next up, falling off a bike.
Almost done with the TX
Almost done with the RX board. The XBee chip will sit over
the top of all this (hence the risers on the right and left).
The IC you can see in the middle for voltage control.
XBee In Place
A XBee in place and being programmed. It says TX because
I used this board to program both the RX and TX XBees.
Skipping forward, the construction of the TX is halted when I break
a $0.02 riser. New one on order, postage and packing $3 :-)
Stop at this point
I may be lacking the riser, but I can still wire in
the capacitor that's going to help me work
around the issue that we can't leach enough
power directly from the Kill-A-Watt device
to transmit.