2019/10/02 - Fix links

Fixed external links that have broken in the last 7 years :-)

2012/08/16 - Photos from AAPT BBQ

2D and 3D photos are now up.

2012/08/12 - Photos from Frisbee Golf

2D and 3D photos are now up.

2012/08/5 - Photos from Downtown Seattle

2D and 3D photos are now up.

2012/06/25 - First set of notes converted

Only took two months, but the first set of notes have been converted from Word 'HTML' to real HTML. One down, 274 to go!

2012/06/20 - Photos from Kayaking Moral Event

2D and 3D photos are now up.

2012/05/01 - Reversing a string

In interviews candidates are often asked to write the code to reverse the characters in a string. For example, “Hello World” becomes “dlroW olleH”. But can you do it in a single line of C#?


using System; 
using System.Linq;
Console.WriteLine(new string("Reverse this string using only a single line of code".ToCharArray().Reverse().ToArray()));

2012/04/30 - Seperated At Birth?

Found this classic from 2004 lurking around a backup folder:

2012/04/22 - Welcome

Welcome to the other personal site of Dave Brankin. The other site was last updated in 2003 so I figured it was time to start over. Once I'm happy with this new site, the old site will be CNAMED here.